Monday, May 09, 2011

New laptop!

It's so fuckin awesome. This thing is ridiculous amounts of overkill for what i need (akin to crushing ants with a monster truck), but it wasn't actually that expensive so FUCKYEAH! For those that care, the specs are
Intel I7 something something quadcore
6G ram
500G HDD
nvidia gforce something something 1G
Anyway, it's amazing. Only problem is, it's almost too big for my backpack, and it's pretty damn heavy. Otherwise the thing is boss. I shall name it something classy and sophisticated at some point. And then I'll put an invader zim sticker on it and only ever refer to it as G.I.R.


  1. haha, i would've gotten something like that if I had gotten my laptop in australia and didn't want battery life xD

  2. Who needs battery life? I can totally run to the next power point in 5 minutes.