Monday, August 30, 2010


Been a while since i posted. Missed my usual thursday music post. So i think I'll do that now.

This (last?) weeks song is Chasing cars by Snow patrol. Beautiful song. One of those things i can lie there and mellow out to. No matter what my mood. I had the great pleasure of watching Megan Washington butcher this song on good news week today. Made me think of it. 

So yeah. Enjoy.

(as a side note, the letters of GnW read upside down almost spell "MuG". I noticed this a while ago.)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Hectic weekend.

Had a mad good weekend. 2 parties in 2 nights. Didn't really drink at either of them, but i still enjoyed myself. Saving gettin maggot for this weekend, when I have two parties on the same night... Really bad organising that, but nothing i can do about it...

I don't really know what I'd planned on saying here... I feel I should post something, and I'm lacking things to talk about. There wasn't really any exciting stories that happened at either of the partys. Pixy got really drunk, and was mildly amusing to talk to. Wizard continued with his amazing trend of being a model citizen and making the rest of us look bad by comparison. Bunch of people got high and proceeded to be relatively boring. Link came back from his trip, and all was awesomeness. I'm pretty much just using this post to name people in my head. So I'll stop.

I'm really fucking hungry... And i don't finish uni for another 3 hours... I wanna go home and play bioshock... More bitching.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'd swim the ocean for you...

Song this week is Kelsey by Metro Station. I thought I'd get away from the whole dance/electronic scene and onto some good old rock. Or, in this case Pop-Punk. Still, an amazing song. Nice and chill, with good lyrics, and a beautiful melody. This has been one of my fav songs for a few months now...

Also, i recently found out that the lead singer is Miley Cirus's half brother. Who'd'a thunk it? Anyway, just some useless trivia for you.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blogger needs some features...

Like notifications for when i get comments. I mean, seriously. It doesn't tell me at all. Unless i want to moderate every single fucking comment. Not that i get all that many, but still. I want people to be able to post freely. And just be told when it happens. Unless they're Cunt. He's not allowed to post. Unless it's on topic.

Also, the ability to freely chose my background image would be handy... I mean WTF? "Oh, heres a list of about 50 backgrounds you can use. Only about 3 are any decent, and i don't give a shit if you have an image that you really wanted to use, it's gotta be one of these or I'll stab you in the jugular. And before you ask, yes, we really do need about 1300 backgrounds with shitty patterns that would totally ruin the look and feel of any blog. It's essential. Don't question it."

Fuck you faggots.


ps, I'ma put the name of anyone mentioned in the labels, so once you work out who you are, you can see all the posts you're in.

pps. i think more people should write blogs, gives me something to do to kill time.

ppps. The cake is a lie.

I just found out, that the edit post page shows all the comments on your post. Still not as good as it could be, but not as shit as i thought...

Monday, August 16, 2010

The smell of napalm...

The other day, i burnt the hair off one of my knuckles while playing with my lighter... It's starting to grow back... Reminds me of the time i earned the inspiration for the name of this blog. That was a fun day. My hand looked funny for a week or so afterwords... Fun fun fun... I think, if i had access to metho, I'd repeat my experiment and video tape it for all to see... That, or i could do it in person for people. Someone want to buy me a bottle of metho? I promise it'll be entertaining.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Need more friends with wings...

You know those nights where all you wanna do is lie there and be absorbed in something amazing... Music, television, a book, a movie, some amazingly sublime experience that carries your mind away from the tedious boredom of our sorry existance. Those nights where the last thing you want to be is you. Where everything is so intense you feel like screaming until your lungs give out and your soul melts away into glorious bliss...

I love those nights.

When you can find something to throw yourself into...

Otherwise everything seems... Shallow... Unfulfilling... Just makes the experience seem worse... It feels like nothing you can do will ever have meaning again. You begin to question the purpose of your existance. And that's always a grim question. You begin to realise that there isn't really a purpose. Or perhaps you knew that all along. It doesn't really matter. You sit there and wish your life was worth changing. That there was some reason to try and make things better. 

I hate those nights.

Some people find god, and use him as an excuse to keep on trying. They say "God loves me, and he wants me to be happy." I say that's taking the easy way out. Sure, you never have to feel alone again, but in doing so, you kill off any form of curiousity. It's nothing more then an escape. It's the equvalent of throwing a dice, declaring it landed on 6, and never ever looking at it. Only this is a dice with infinite sides.

So that leaves us with a problem. You have a question and no obvious escape route or answer. "What is the point of living?" The only thing that resembles an answer, is that living is a purpose in of itself. The only reason to live is to have the experience of living.

I hate these nights...

Circular logic. Everywhere. We live because we live. That isn't a reason. It's not an excuse. Sitting here, looking for something of purpose, i can find nothing in existance worth living for. So why do i continue to live? It's not because i fear death. That is a journey i look forward to making some day. Like a gate you always wondered what was behind, but where the gate only swings one way. So you put off exploring it until you've seen everything there is to see.

No, i don't fear death. I fear something much worse. I fear missing out on life. I fear the idea that no matter how bad it is today, it could get better tomorrow, even when i'm almost sure it can only ever get worse. That tiny fragment of chance that tomorrow could be the best day of my life. That's what scares me. That's why i keep living. If i could know my own future, i wouldn't need to experience it. I hope when i die, i get the chance to sit back and explode the infinite possible paths my life could have followed. Those points where i walked past someone in the street, and if i'd stopped to talk to them my whole life would be different. Just to experience every possible outcome of my life. That's what heaven would be to me.

Enough of this.

I think I'll go lose myself in something.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

haunting melodies

I feel i should share more of my amazing musical taste with you. You know, make a habit out of it. I'm trying to decide if i should discuss the amazing awesomeness of 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore or Metro Station, or perhaps put some dubstep or rave in here...

Actually... I know just the song... it's a bit weird... and by a bit i mean this song is pretty fucked. It's by Kromestar and Hatcha and it's this weird dubstep song. It's kinda haunting, and a bit freaky, but i really enjoy it for some obscure reason...

I'm not sure if this is the right video, I can't have sound at uni, so I'll check when i get home. Just listen to it. You probably won't like it, but you'll understand why i had to share it.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Ground rules for believable science fiction.

This has been something I've been thinking about for a while. I was having a conversation with my cousin today (well, technically yesterday, but who gives  fuck) about really dodgy science fiction movies, and what they did wrong. Then like less then an hour ago i was watching inception, and it struck me as a prime example of how to do science fiction right.

Being a science buff, small inaccuracies in physics bug me to hell. Things that most people don't understand and just take for granted can ruin entire movies for me. These are a couple of rules that will help avoid these ever so frustrating moments.

#1: Where ever possible, don't explain.

  This might seem like a stupid one. Surely explaining the theory behind any device or phenomena will help build scientific credibility to the average viewer. No. Don't do it. The average viewer doesn't give a shit how it works. It's generally not actually relevant to the plot of the film. Who gives a shit how you made the worm-hole, what's important is that you did. Spare us the details, because you'll probably get them wrong. Inception did this beautifully. If you haven't seen it, there's this device that connects to your wrist, and allows everyone connected to the device to share dreams. It's probably impossible, but because they never explain how it works, you can't actually know if it's possible, so you can just accept that it does work. You can't go "Clearly it wouldn't work because X stops Y and Z doesn't even make sense."

#2: Where an explanation must happen, avoid actual physics as much as possible.

  Sort of a continuation on of #1. Say it works because of some piece of technology that doesn't exist, and that operates under some principle that you made up. Don't explain the tech or the principle. Avoid words like "Electromagnetic", "gamma radiation" and anything else that reflects upon reality and you may use wrongly. Particularly "ion". That word pisses me off. I was watching Farscape with my woman, and this dudes spaceship gets hit my an "electromagnetic pulse" that creates a worm-hole that sucks him to some distant part of space. That's a horrible explanation. If they didn't explain what the pulse was, just said that it was some unknown radiation, then it would have been plausible. An electromagnetic wave is the general class for things like light, radio waves, microwaves etc. An electromagnetic pulse can be created by turning anything electronic on and off quickly. It is just a burst of electromagnetic waves. Can you imagine light creating a worm-hole? All it could possibly do is fuck up some of his sensors and burn out some electronics.

#3: If real scientific terms have to be used, RE-WRITE YOUR FUCKING SCRIPT!

  Seriously. Fire your writers and hire someone who can stick some imaginary terms in somewhere that make it at least possible, if not plausible. I'm not fucking joking. This should never happen.

#4: Avoid the know-it-all-guy.

  You know the one. The scientist, hacker, experimental physicist, ancient historian, anyone who should reliably know what's going on. Having them around means that there is someone the other cast can ask about how something works. Or, if you need them for one part, make them have no knowledge of any other fields of science. It's realistic, as well as handy. No-one knows physics, chemistry, biology, geology and medicine to any decent degree. Perhaps some know 2, maybe the very smartest know 3, but everyone specialises in one school. If you need a geologist, and someone asks "How does the dirithium atomiser work?" they can go "Fucked if i know, now shoot that guy over there".

#5: Lead the viewer to a conclusion, but don't explicitly state it.

  This follows sorta from #1, and might seem to contradict it, but it's kind of peripheral to it, and expands on it a bit. Do something to show some connection between you unexplained objects. Offer the viewer some way to reason out their own potential explanation for your phenomena if they so desire. Easiest way to explain this is an example. In Avatar, the humans have this machine that allows the humans to control the body's of cloned aliens (Called avatars, but I'm sure you've all seen it). They didn't explain the functionality of the machine, and that was fine. What they did wrong, was they gave no possible explanation for how it actually controlled the avatars. It seemed to have infinite range (through a field that disrupted electronics no less), and connected to their individual avatar with no time lag or receiver. What they should have done was show some device in the avatars, could be a small chip, could be an antenna running through the tail, doesn't matter what. All they needed to do was show something, anything, that could be a receiver for the controller. They don't need to explain function, but there should be SOME connection.

I think that does it for now... I might add some more in another post as they come to me. I should definitely be in bed now lol. I have to get up for uni in 5 and a half hours. I probably won't sleep for another hour or so, but i should at least try...

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The soul of existence...

I decided I'd start sharing my favourite music with people... Gives me something to talk about, and it's something very important to me. I'll try and keep it to mostly unknown tracks, and stick away from the overhyped pop music you can hear anywhere... So this weeks track is Waiting - Dash Berlin ft Emma Hewitson (Sean Tyas mix)

It has a long intro which is just a dance beat, so if you don't feel like listening to the whole song, you can skip to 1:20 and not miss anything much. Reasons i picked this song? It's an amazingly well constructed dance track, with a beautiful set of vocals over the top, that really add to the feel of the track. It builds up nicely, and finishes on a nice gentle note. My favourite moments in the song are definitely when she says "so far away" the first time, and her voice distorts (2:05ish) and from 3:20 onwards, when she sings the chorusy bit. Love it.

Anyway, give it a listen, tell me what you think aye? Comments are appreciated, but spam will be removed. (looks pointedly at "Trevor")

Monday, August 02, 2010


...I just want to start fires...

...and watch everything burn...

Halo've a good time

So I'm sittin at uni with like half an hour to kill... I figure, i might as well do somethin moderately constructive... Or at least that can pretend to be constructive. So what do i decide to do? Tell you all about my awesome halo adventures. Best. Game. Evar.

Well there was the time me and Elmo (made up the name on the spot... it kinda suits, but i might change it later) won a capture the flag game on our own in under 3 minutes (All the flag captures were in the last 30 seconds), but honestly there's not a lot to tell. I could talk about how i solo'd the campaign on legendary, but despite being awesome, it's not much of a tale. I figure, I'll relate a couple of choice tales from my multiplayer games. Stories with friends involved are so much more fun.
So lets start with the time me and DonkeyKong were having a energy sword fight on Epitah. We'd both decided to play on sensitivity 10 for the fun of it (i was up from 5, and him from 4). After spending like 20 minutes getting the occasional kill, but with lots of swing and misses, we started to get the hang of it. The fights became really fierce, we were both heaps evenly matched (and we did this heaps often afterwards, which is why i now dominate swords). Anyway, there was this one moment really worth telling. I had a video of the replay, but it's since been deleted...
Anyway, all you see is me jump up, and him lunge at me. Something explodes between us, and we're both standing there, confused. I remember thinking "Wtf, i should be dead!" Watching the replay, in slow motion, we realised that just before he lunged, i started throwing out a bubble shield (for those that don't know, they're like my fav thing in halo). Anyway, as he's lunging towards me, he hits the shield and destroys it, just as it's coming out of my hand. The odds of this happening are so fuckin small. it was awesome! I've since tried to repeat this tactic with zero success.
What other good stories are there... Well there was the time I knocked Elmo off the map with a deployable cover... You see, we were playing this map that me and some other mates made (cbf making up names for them now...) and it's basically a giant maze in the sky... And we were both on top of it, wandering around. Now, he had a sword, and I'm pretty sure all i had was a battle rifle, so i was pretty fucked. I'm standing there, and he just get's into lunge range, and leaps at me. I throw down my deployable cover, which puts up this large purple wall infront of me. He clips the edge of it, and because it's curved, bounces sideways. Now, the thing we were standing on was pretty narrow, maybe 3 character's width wide. Elmo goes sailing over the edge of it, and off the map. Watching it later on, from his screen, he lunges at me, there's a bright flash of purple, and suddenly he's falling off the edge. Much lulz ensued. The only way it could have been better would be if i got the kill. I'm pretty sure he still has the vid on his xbox...
Anyway, I've sucessfully killed an apropriate volume of time. I'm off to face my 4 straight hours of lectures... Damn you monday!