Monday, August 02, 2010

Halo've a good time

So I'm sittin at uni with like half an hour to kill... I figure, i might as well do somethin moderately constructive... Or at least that can pretend to be constructive. So what do i decide to do? Tell you all about my awesome halo adventures. Best. Game. Evar.

Well there was the time me and Elmo (made up the name on the spot... it kinda suits, but i might change it later) won a capture the flag game on our own in under 3 minutes (All the flag captures were in the last 30 seconds), but honestly there's not a lot to tell. I could talk about how i solo'd the campaign on legendary, but despite being awesome, it's not much of a tale. I figure, I'll relate a couple of choice tales from my multiplayer games. Stories with friends involved are so much more fun.
So lets start with the time me and DonkeyKong were having a energy sword fight on Epitah. We'd both decided to play on sensitivity 10 for the fun of it (i was up from 5, and him from 4). After spending like 20 minutes getting the occasional kill, but with lots of swing and misses, we started to get the hang of it. The fights became really fierce, we were both heaps evenly matched (and we did this heaps often afterwards, which is why i now dominate swords). Anyway, there was this one moment really worth telling. I had a video of the replay, but it's since been deleted...
Anyway, all you see is me jump up, and him lunge at me. Something explodes between us, and we're both standing there, confused. I remember thinking "Wtf, i should be dead!" Watching the replay, in slow motion, we realised that just before he lunged, i started throwing out a bubble shield (for those that don't know, they're like my fav thing in halo). Anyway, as he's lunging towards me, he hits the shield and destroys it, just as it's coming out of my hand. The odds of this happening are so fuckin small. it was awesome! I've since tried to repeat this tactic with zero success.
What other good stories are there... Well there was the time I knocked Elmo off the map with a deployable cover... You see, we were playing this map that me and some other mates made (cbf making up names for them now...) and it's basically a giant maze in the sky... And we were both on top of it, wandering around. Now, he had a sword, and I'm pretty sure all i had was a battle rifle, so i was pretty fucked. I'm standing there, and he just get's into lunge range, and leaps at me. I throw down my deployable cover, which puts up this large purple wall infront of me. He clips the edge of it, and because it's curved, bounces sideways. Now, the thing we were standing on was pretty narrow, maybe 3 character's width wide. Elmo goes sailing over the edge of it, and off the map. Watching it later on, from his screen, he lunges at me, there's a bright flash of purple, and suddenly he's falling off the edge. Much lulz ensued. The only way it could have been better would be if i got the kill. I'm pretty sure he still has the vid on his xbox...
Anyway, I've sucessfully killed an apropriate volume of time. I'm off to face my 4 straight hours of lectures... Damn you monday!

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