Monday, August 23, 2010

Hectic weekend.

Had a mad good weekend. 2 parties in 2 nights. Didn't really drink at either of them, but i still enjoyed myself. Saving gettin maggot for this weekend, when I have two parties on the same night... Really bad organising that, but nothing i can do about it...

I don't really know what I'd planned on saying here... I feel I should post something, and I'm lacking things to talk about. There wasn't really any exciting stories that happened at either of the partys. Pixy got really drunk, and was mildly amusing to talk to. Wizard continued with his amazing trend of being a model citizen and making the rest of us look bad by comparison. Bunch of people got high and proceeded to be relatively boring. Link came back from his trip, and all was awesomeness. I'm pretty much just using this post to name people in my head. So I'll stop.

I'm really fucking hungry... And i don't finish uni for another 3 hours... I wanna go home and play bioshock... More bitching.


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