Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Herp derp...

Who in their right mind employs me? Seriously. How fucking retarted are they. But i guess it's pretty apt. For the slow ones amoungst you, as of today, I AM EMPLOYED! At the Reject Shop no less. Yeah, i laughed too. So now i can totally pretend to earn money and stuff... I hope it's fun. And i can finally start paying my girlfriend the hundreds of dollars i owe her... Maybe not hundreds... But it's a lot. She's gonna get taken to so many dinners. And not have to pay for both our meals... = \

Oh well, I'll finally be cured of this dreadful poor i caught. Terrible disease that one. Not really much more i wanna say... Life's been pretty meh. Uni sucks balls. Other things are only slightly better. Herp de derp.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am officially Amazing.

And the cap on Amazing is required. I found out yesterday afternoon that i had a 1200 word essay that was already overdue by 2 days i proceeded to write ~1000 words in slightly less than a 24 hour period, to submit it 3 days late. It doesn't matter that it's shit as fuck, i can get a max of like 70% of it anyway. It doesn't even need to be a pass. The exam is 50% of my subjects marks, and it's 60 multiple choice questions. Easy as fuck. Thankfully, all i have now is a group assignment for Psyc and my comp project, and I'm done for the year. WOOOT!

But if i pass maths this semester it'll be a miracle.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memories and other unfortunate things...

Did something i haven't done in forever today. Hung out with Josh and Rob (and for a while, Jord). Holyfuck, SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! I swear to god, it was like the funniest scroll down memory lane ever. We even played fuckin HALO! Shit but that doesn't bring me back to year 10. Granted, we were playing Reach, which hadn't even been thought of then, but it's still visually the same game (only on 3 different kinds of steroids, methamphetamine's and with a massive face lift). Like, the experience is the same.

Sadly, it wasn't all the same... There are parts of it that just weren't the same as back in the day. Rob summed it up pretty well when we were having lunch at maccas. "It's just not the same when you haven't had to walk 4km's to get here." School used to build up to Thursday afternoons so much... It was what got me through Wednesday.

But to add to the nostalgia, we did what started our whole association in the first place. We blew shit up. Spectacularly. We took a quick detour to Wollies (while discussing the merits of the new Linkin Park album) where Rob purchased 240 sparklers, and 3L of Metho. When we got back, he spent like an hour taping all the sparklers together, while me josh and jord played Reach. Then when we got back from Jeet Kun Do, we dug a hole in Josh's backyard, stuck our sparkler-grenade in it, I lit the fuse, and we sat back and watched the magic happen. Video's here. Not sure if it will show unless you're friends with Rob. Anyway, it took us all quite by surprise with how amazingly excellent it was.

Speaking of JKD, Josh came with us this week. There are now 6 of us that go, and it's pretty awesome. Todays lesson was exhausting. But very instructive. I actually feel like i made good progress. They'll make a fighter out of me someday.

On a less happy note, I realised it's been over a year since my very dear friend Nic J. Collyer passed away... And about a year since his funeral... I still think about the kid. My greatest regret in life is (and most likely always will be) that i never saw him again, after he moved at the end of year 6. For 8 years of my life, we were inseperable. We never had a fight that wasn't forgotten by the next day. I remember once, we spent over 72 consecutive hours hanging out. It was either a long weekend, or school holidays. We spent a day at my house, building couch-forts and playing with my rabbits. Then, a day at his house, building a themepark for his rabbits in the laundry. Finally, by some miracle of fate, he convinced his mum to let him spend another day at mine. Playing N64, I'm pretty sure. And it would definitely have been Diddy-kong racing. That game was the shit!

I hope, and i hope you realise how much of a struggle it is to say this... I hope god exists. Because if anyone deserves to be in heaven, it's Nic. And if He does exist, that means that maybe someday, we can hang out again, and catch up on the 6 years of our lives that we weren't able to share.

I will never forget you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

So i figure...

It's about time i posted those answers. I'm very disappointed in everyone but Em.
#1 Angels And Airwaves - The gift
#2 Blink 182 - I miss you
#3 Sum41 - Pieces
#4 Yellowcard - Only one
#5 Boxcar Racer - There is
#6 +44 - Lillian
#7 Escape the Fate - Not good enough for truth or cliché
#8 Faker - Hurricane
#9 Taking Back Sunday - Great romances of the 20th century
#10 Muse - Hysteria
#11 Yellowcard - Empty apartment
#12 Eyes Set to Kill - Darling
#13 Linkin Park - Forgotten
#14 My Chemical Romance - Helena
#15 Slipknot - Snuff

The ones you absolutely need to listen to before you die are 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 15. And I'm sure you noticed (Actually I'm sure you didn't so I'm going to point it out to you) that 4 of the first 6 involve Blink182 members. And If you've never heard of Boxcar Racer, you're missing out on something amazing.

On a completely unrelated note, here's a song for this week. Concrete boots by After the Fall. Pretty good band, though not many people know of them, and they're not too famous. This song's like 5 years old though, so you'll never hear it on the radio. And watch the clip, and see how long it takes for you to work out what's actually going on. It's pretty fuckin sick once you work it out.

Enjoy. = ]

Saturday, September 18, 2010

[insert title here]

I apologise for my complete lack of posting. I've been rather the busy lately. Had some mad as dreams that I'm pumped for retelling, and wanna review another game and post some new songs. Also, i need to post the results from my quizzy thing. Which i am most disapointed with. Only Em had the balls to take it. Anyway, i have a psyc assignment due monday that i needs must be working on. So that's all for now.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Fuck you Uni. Fuck you.

I'm so fucking tired. It's horrible. I just finished mid semester break. I haven't been awake before 12 once this whole week. Well, except Friday when i was meeting David and Richard. But that was an exception, and getting up at 11 was still hard anyway. I had to get up at 8:30 this morning. Now, that doesn't sound too bad, until you realise that i couldn't sleep before 2:30. So yeah, didn't actually get out of bed till 9. Was too tired to be hungry, so i never ate breakfast. Slept half the trip to the city, and would've slept on the bus to uni if there hadn't been a babe sittin just in front of me. Dozed through maths. Now i have 4 straight hours of class.

This had a point, I'm sure. But i can't for the life of me remember what it was.
Time for caffine.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Revue #1 - Quadrilateral Thinking

I feel i should start reviewing outstanding games I've played, whether they're amazingly amazing, or terribly terrible. I'll start this new trend with a game that has consumed many many hours of my time lately. It's called quadrilateral thinking, and it's a puzzle game that I'm amazingly good at. So amazingly good that the developer is actually using me to discuss new ideas with. And if you need proof of how amazingly good i am at this game, check out the scoreboard for "total score in pattern mode" and all of the "best sol'n of patterns level #". Probably start at level 7. The first 6 are fixed scores.

Anyway, here's the game. The objective is to recreate the shapes in the box on the right in every single box in the playing field. The specific colours don't matter, What is red in the pattern can be pink on the board, as long as every piece of red is pink. The first few levels are easy as, but after that, it's a massive mindfuck to get the next ones completed. I'm working with Khail - the developer - to ease this transition, so if you have any suggestions, either comment here, or on the game. And can you rate it 5/5 for us? It's a good game, and Khail get's paid based on how high it gets rated.

And if you don't have an account on Kong yet, i reccommend you make one. Most of the games i rate will be from there. And there is an Xbox style achievement system on the site, so you have incentive to play new games.

So yeah, I guess i need some kind of scoring system. Lets see...

Graphics - 3/5 -Not very impressive, but not nesscissary
Gameplay - 5/5 - Simple and addictive
Replayability - 5/5 - So fucking hooked
Story - n/a
Overall - 5/5

Game type - Puzzle

Friday, September 10, 2010

How ironic.

I just scorched all the hair on my right hand. How, you may ask... Well you see, i was refueling my zippo lighter, and I'd put two big squeezes of lighter fluid in it. And i thought to myself "I'll just put one more in, I don't want to over fill it. So start my third squeeze, and fuel starts GUSHING out the end. Like 3-4 drops a second falling from the wick. So i was like "SHIT SHIT SHIT, turned it right side up, stuck it back in it's case, and lit it to burn off the excess fuel before it leaked onto the case or my table.

But I didn't realise fuel had run down my hand. Lots of it. As soon as i flicked the wheel, my hand burst into flames. I now have maybe 2 mm of hair on each knuckle, and my room stinks of burnt hair. Actually, looking at it, it's not too bad. There's still a decent amount left. It doesn't look too weird.

This reminds me of a similar story, the one that was the inspiration for the name of this blog. It's about time i shared it with you all. 

So this one time, back in like year 10, I'd stolen a bottle of metho from my parents. No. Not for drinking. I wasn't that desperate. Anyway, I was pouring some into this metal jar lid, and setting it on fire, because blue flames are just about the prettiest things I've ever seen. Was sitting there enjoying the view, and decided to put my hands over the flame for warmth. Suddenly, with this awesome whump sound flames lept up and ignited the metho that i didn't even know was on my hand. It took me like a second or two to realise. So i paniced and shook my hand till it went out. Then, a few days later, I did it again, deliberately, at Josh's house. Fun fun fun. (Y)

And that's the story about how i found my potatoe...

I mean, named my blog. 

The End.

(P.S. Try this at home. It's pretty fun. But if you get hurt don't blame me.)

Music time?


This week, it's a loverly song by an excellent band. So pretty much, like any other week. Lol. Nah, I do adore this song. +44 is one of my favourite bands. I mean, it has Mark Hoppus from Blink182. It's gotta be awesome. 

Fave line has got the be "And she said 'I think I'm running out of alcohol, tonight i hate this fucking town'"


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lyrical brilliance.

I've decided to give you guy's a quiz... sort of, a test of your taste in music. I'ma drop some lines from songs, and tell me the song they're from. Or, atleast the artist. Some of them will be fairly easy if you have similar taste in music to me, others I'm gonna make really obscure. So see how many you can get without using Google.

1) I swear I'll melt if you touch me at all, but then I'll ask you to do it again.

2) We can live like jack and sally if we want.

3) If you believe it's in my soul, I'd say all the words that i know.

4) I want you to know, with everything i won't let this go

5) I miss the grinding concrete, where we sat past 8 or 9

6) Your heart is a grave to be perfectly honest

7) Sitting in this room, playing russian roulette

8) I've got new shoes, Intelligence included

9) September never stays this cold where i come from

10) i want it now, give me your heart and your soul

11) Answer no, to these questions. Let her go, learn a lesson.

12) Do you wanna lie to me now, now I'm erasing you?

13) There's a little peice of paper with a picture drawn

14) What's the worst that i could say?

15) So break yourself against my bones.

That'll do for now. Just drop a comment with your name and the songs, and I'll post the answers in like a week. d(^.^)b

Monday, September 06, 2010

Things to do before i die

I'm starting to compile a list of things i wanna do before i die. I'm not doing my own 101 in 1001 like Em (if you don't know about it, check out http://em-project101.blogspot.com/), i don't really wanna have a time limit on when i can do things... Nor a limit on how many goals to achieve. So here's some, in no particular order;

> Go in a zorb ball
> Play a game of Dungeons and Dragons
> Own a copy of every single blink182 cd
> Have a shirt for each of the following bands: Blink182, Paramore, Rise Against, Sum 41, Green Day, The Living End, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Muse, (might add more)
> Be inside an English castle
> See Stone Henge
> Prepare for a zombie apocalypse
> Play in a band
> Be a father
> Visit Nic Collyers grave
> See the following bands live: Blink182, Paramore, Rise Against, Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday
> Understand String Theory
> Be the best man at a wedding
> Make a game of some kind
> Fire a gun
> Write a song
> Conquer my depression
> Get married

That will do for now... I'll add more to it as i go, And a lot of them i don't expect to realise for a while. Things like getting married and being a father... Not gonna happen anytime soon.


Sunday, September 05, 2010


I've spent far too much time on bawww threads on /b/ tonight... and now I'm depressed as shit. I know i should stop, and go to sleep, but i can't bring myself to do it... i feel like curling up into a ball and crying myself to sleep... I know, how very un-manly of me. It doesn't normally get this bad... I feel so... Inescapebly alone... Like an empty shell of a human being... And the worst part is i'm fully aware of how completely ridiculous that is...

Anyway... The worst of it seems to have passed... The thread died... I think i might go fall into oblivion for a couple of hours...

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Adventure II

SO I'm finally gettin around to tellin the second story from the other day. Sometimes it surprises me how lazy i can be. Lol. So last Wednesday, Em took a trip to my uni and we went to the museum of human diseases. That place was pretty awesome. They had the actual body parts of people who had died from various diseases. I saw kidneys the size of a foot ball. Some guy's aorta had exploded because he had a mass of clotted blood the size of a tennis ball. I mean, this thing is supposed to be barely larger than a pen, and it had a fucking tennis ball sized blood clot in it. HOLYFUCK!

So typical me, as we were wandering around i made disgustingly humerous observations about mangled sections of human bodies. Most people would have been disgusted. Em laughed. That's why I'm friends with her lol. I think the funniest thing was a story about a little girl who "Suddenly grew nauseous, and died" (or something to that effect... I'll see if Em remembers the proper quote.) We also took bet's on whether a body part was male or female. I'm pretty sure i came out on top. I'm awesome like that.

One of the things that surprised me the most was how large internal organs actually are. Like, textbooks don't give you the sense of scale for how large the average human heart is. Or livers. And Spleens. They're big fucking organs.

Over all, it was a pretty good adventure. I came out of it feelin a bit wiser and only a little nauseous. I feel i should also mention the extreme awkwardness before we got inside. We got to the place and there was noone at the window. And a sign that said we should call some dude off the phone behind us. Only there was no phone. Or number. 

Anywho... Enjoy.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

7 different kinds of painful.

I has two adventures to write about today. And the title is a rare piece of witty insight which applies equally to both stories on more then one level. Sometimes it amazes me how awesome i am. The rest of the time I'm sober. Lol. Nah, jk I'm sober now, and still amazed at my awesomeness.

I digress. First story. Oh, by the way, I've decided to abandon the whole secret name thing. I feel like an idiot trying to drop secret names without it being blindingly obvious who I'm talking about so I've decided to just fuck it and use people's real names. Or amusing derivatives. I digress again. That's a good word lol. Shit stop getting distracted. STORY TIME NAO!

So on Tuesday night, Burko, Lachy and I went off and tried this martial arts called Jeet Kun Do, or "The way of the intercepting first" in chink-speak. It was fucking SO MUCH FUN! We walk in there, do some stretching and it's straight into some punching, jab's, crosses and uppercuts. After that, there was this exercise where you do lots of 2 punches (a jab and then a cross) in increasing amounts of 2 (ie, 2, 4, 6...) where for every punch you have to do a push up between sets. I got to push up #6 on my set of 10 before i collapsed. Pretty impressed with my effort. That's 26 push ups and the same number of punches. I normally manage 15 push ups before i give up. Fucked up my arms though.

After punches I'm pretty sure it was kicking. A push kick straight out infront, and then 3 round house kicks to the thigh. We took turns doin that with this guy paul who was instructing us. I should probably mention that he was wearing large padded armguards. We weren't beating the crap out of him. But i doubt any of us could have hurt him if we tried. Anyway, coolest part of the lesson was next. We got handed sticks about a meter long, and shown how to disarm people attacking us with certain strikes. 'Twas fuckin awesome! After that i think was more kicking practice. Wrecked my leg's up something savage. I'm still in pain. Anyway, I know i said I'd write about 2 adventures today, but i really can't be fucked to do the second one. So i won't. Instead, I'm gonna go play something.