Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Herp derp...

Who in their right mind employs me? Seriously. How fucking retarted are they. But i guess it's pretty apt. For the slow ones amoungst you, as of today, I AM EMPLOYED! At the Reject Shop no less. Yeah, i laughed too. So now i can totally pretend to earn money and stuff... I hope it's fun. And i can finally start paying my girlfriend the hundreds of dollars i owe her... Maybe not hundreds... But it's a lot. She's gonna get taken to so many dinners. And not have to pay for both our meals... = \

Oh well, I'll finally be cured of this dreadful poor i caught. Terrible disease that one. Not really much more i wanna say... Life's been pretty meh. Uni sucks balls. Other things are only slightly better. Herp de derp.



  1. congrats :D
    don't let employment steal your soul. x

  2. nice sign out there, Herp-A-Derp
    I think i caught your case of poor D=