Sunday, September 12, 2010

Game Revue #1 - Quadrilateral Thinking

I feel i should start reviewing outstanding games I've played, whether they're amazingly amazing, or terribly terrible. I'll start this new trend with a game that has consumed many many hours of my time lately. It's called quadrilateral thinking, and it's a puzzle game that I'm amazingly good at. So amazingly good that the developer is actually using me to discuss new ideas with. And if you need proof of how amazingly good i am at this game, check out the scoreboard for "total score in pattern mode" and all of the "best sol'n of patterns level #". Probably start at level 7. The first 6 are fixed scores.

Anyway, here's the game. The objective is to recreate the shapes in the box on the right in every single box in the playing field. The specific colours don't matter, What is red in the pattern can be pink on the board, as long as every piece of red is pink. The first few levels are easy as, but after that, it's a massive mindfuck to get the next ones completed. I'm working with Khail - the developer - to ease this transition, so if you have any suggestions, either comment here, or on the game. And can you rate it 5/5 for us? It's a good game, and Khail get's paid based on how high it gets rated.

And if you don't have an account on Kong yet, i reccommend you make one. Most of the games i rate will be from there. And there is an Xbox style achievement system on the site, so you have incentive to play new games.

So yeah, I guess i need some kind of scoring system. Lets see...

Graphics - 3/5 -Not very impressive, but not nesscissary
Gameplay - 5/5 - Simple and addictive
Replayability - 5/5 - So fucking hooked
Story - n/a
Overall - 5/5

Game type - Puzzle


  1. Hi, Khail told me about your blog. I thought you might enjoy this game that I made.

  2. Hey, I remember playing that a little while ago. Khail himself reccommended it to me. I believe the gameplay mechanics confused me and i gave up. I shall try it again later, and maybe even give it a review. Thanks for commenting.