Thursday, September 02, 2010

7 different kinds of painful.

I has two adventures to write about today. And the title is a rare piece of witty insight which applies equally to both stories on more then one level. Sometimes it amazes me how awesome i am. The rest of the time I'm sober. Lol. Nah, jk I'm sober now, and still amazed at my awesomeness.

I digress. First story. Oh, by the way, I've decided to abandon the whole secret name thing. I feel like an idiot trying to drop secret names without it being blindingly obvious who I'm talking about so I've decided to just fuck it and use people's real names. Or amusing derivatives. I digress again. That's a good word lol. Shit stop getting distracted. STORY TIME NAO!

So on Tuesday night, Burko, Lachy and I went off and tried this martial arts called Jeet Kun Do, or "The way of the intercepting first" in chink-speak. It was fucking SO MUCH FUN! We walk in there, do some stretching and it's straight into some punching, jab's, crosses and uppercuts. After that, there was this exercise where you do lots of 2 punches (a jab and then a cross) in increasing amounts of 2 (ie, 2, 4, 6...) where for every punch you have to do a push up between sets. I got to push up #6 on my set of 10 before i collapsed. Pretty impressed with my effort. That's 26 push ups and the same number of punches. I normally manage 15 push ups before i give up. Fucked up my arms though.

After punches I'm pretty sure it was kicking. A push kick straight out infront, and then 3 round house kicks to the thigh. We took turns doin that with this guy paul who was instructing us. I should probably mention that he was wearing large padded armguards. We weren't beating the crap out of him. But i doubt any of us could have hurt him if we tried. Anyway, coolest part of the lesson was next. We got handed sticks about a meter long, and shown how to disarm people attacking us with certain strikes. 'Twas fuckin awesome! After that i think was more kicking practice. Wrecked my leg's up something savage. I'm still in pain. Anyway, I know i said I'd write about 2 adventures today, but i really can't be fucked to do the second one. So i won't. Instead, I'm gonna go play something.


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