Saturday, September 04, 2010

Adventure II

SO I'm finally gettin around to tellin the second story from the other day. Sometimes it surprises me how lazy i can be. Lol. So last Wednesday, Em took a trip to my uni and we went to the museum of human diseases. That place was pretty awesome. They had the actual body parts of people who had died from various diseases. I saw kidneys the size of a foot ball. Some guy's aorta had exploded because he had a mass of clotted blood the size of a tennis ball. I mean, this thing is supposed to be barely larger than a pen, and it had a fucking tennis ball sized blood clot in it. HOLYFUCK!

So typical me, as we were wandering around i made disgustingly humerous observations about mangled sections of human bodies. Most people would have been disgusted. Em laughed. That's why I'm friends with her lol. I think the funniest thing was a story about a little girl who "Suddenly grew nauseous, and died" (or something to that effect... I'll see if Em remembers the proper quote.) We also took bet's on whether a body part was male or female. I'm pretty sure i came out on top. I'm awesome like that.

One of the things that surprised me the most was how large internal organs actually are. Like, textbooks don't give you the sense of scale for how large the average human heart is. Or livers. And Spleens. They're big fucking organs.

Over all, it was a pretty good adventure. I came out of it feelin a bit wiser and only a little nauseous. I feel i should also mention the extreme awkwardness before we got inside. We got to the place and there was noone at the window. And a sign that said we should call some dude off the phone behind us. Only there was no phone. Or number. 

Anywho... Enjoy.


  1. "quite suddenly the patient became nauseous, fell unconscious, then died".
    i think.
    i didn't know you were nauseous. you hid it well.

  2. There were a few bit's where i was like =S
    particularly the munted dicks... omfg... so much wrong...