Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lyrical brilliance.

I've decided to give you guy's a quiz... sort of, a test of your taste in music. I'ma drop some lines from songs, and tell me the song they're from. Or, atleast the artist. Some of them will be fairly easy if you have similar taste in music to me, others I'm gonna make really obscure. So see how many you can get without using Google.

1) I swear I'll melt if you touch me at all, but then I'll ask you to do it again.

2) We can live like jack and sally if we want.

3) If you believe it's in my soul, I'd say all the words that i know.

4) I want you to know, with everything i won't let this go

5) I miss the grinding concrete, where we sat past 8 or 9

6) Your heart is a grave to be perfectly honest

7) Sitting in this room, playing russian roulette

8) I've got new shoes, Intelligence included

9) September never stays this cold where i come from

10) i want it now, give me your heart and your soul

11) Answer no, to these questions. Let her go, learn a lesson.

12) Do you wanna lie to me now, now I'm erasing you?

13) There's a little peice of paper with a picture drawn

14) What's the worst that i could say?

15) So break yourself against my bones.

That'll do for now. Just drop a comment with your name and the songs, and I'll post the answers in like a week. d(^.^)b


  1. 2) i miss you by blink 182
    3) pieces by sum 41
    7) Not good enough for truth in cliche by escape the fate
    10) hysteria by muse
    13) forgotten by linkin park
    14) helena by mcr

    i want some sort of sugary prize for my efforts.
    thanks from saving me from boredum tho. I had to sing all of 7 and 13 before I could work out which song it was. in my head of course.

  2. But you got less than half of them. I mean, that's a fair effort, but still, that's only 40%. I dunno if that deserves a reward. Maybe if no-one does better.