Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Memories and other unfortunate things...

Did something i haven't done in forever today. Hung out with Josh and Rob (and for a while, Jord). Holyfuck, SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! I swear to god, it was like the funniest scroll down memory lane ever. We even played fuckin HALO! Shit but that doesn't bring me back to year 10. Granted, we were playing Reach, which hadn't even been thought of then, but it's still visually the same game (only on 3 different kinds of steroids, methamphetamine's and with a massive face lift). Like, the experience is the same.

Sadly, it wasn't all the same... There are parts of it that just weren't the same as back in the day. Rob summed it up pretty well when we were having lunch at maccas. "It's just not the same when you haven't had to walk 4km's to get here." School used to build up to Thursday afternoons so much... It was what got me through Wednesday.

But to add to the nostalgia, we did what started our whole association in the first place. We blew shit up. Spectacularly. We took a quick detour to Wollies (while discussing the merits of the new Linkin Park album) where Rob purchased 240 sparklers, and 3L of Metho. When we got back, he spent like an hour taping all the sparklers together, while me josh and jord played Reach. Then when we got back from Jeet Kun Do, we dug a hole in Josh's backyard, stuck our sparkler-grenade in it, I lit the fuse, and we sat back and watched the magic happen. Video's here. Not sure if it will show unless you're friends with Rob. Anyway, it took us all quite by surprise with how amazingly excellent it was.

Speaking of JKD, Josh came with us this week. There are now 6 of us that go, and it's pretty awesome. Todays lesson was exhausting. But very instructive. I actually feel like i made good progress. They'll make a fighter out of me someday.

On a less happy note, I realised it's been over a year since my very dear friend Nic J. Collyer passed away... And about a year since his funeral... I still think about the kid. My greatest regret in life is (and most likely always will be) that i never saw him again, after he moved at the end of year 6. For 8 years of my life, we were inseperable. We never had a fight that wasn't forgotten by the next day. I remember once, we spent over 72 consecutive hours hanging out. It was either a long weekend, or school holidays. We spent a day at my house, building couch-forts and playing with my rabbits. Then, a day at his house, building a themepark for his rabbits in the laundry. Finally, by some miracle of fate, he convinced his mum to let him spend another day at mine. Playing N64, I'm pretty sure. And it would definitely have been Diddy-kong racing. That game was the shit!

I hope, and i hope you realise how much of a struggle it is to say this... I hope god exists. Because if anyone deserves to be in heaven, it's Nic. And if He does exist, that means that maybe someday, we can hang out again, and catch up on the 6 years of our lives that we weren't able to share.

I will never forget you.

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