Monday, September 06, 2010

Things to do before i die

I'm starting to compile a list of things i wanna do before i die. I'm not doing my own 101 in 1001 like Em (if you don't know about it, check out, i don't really wanna have a time limit on when i can do things... Nor a limit on how many goals to achieve. So here's some, in no particular order;

> Go in a zorb ball
> Play a game of Dungeons and Dragons
> Own a copy of every single blink182 cd
> Have a shirt for each of the following bands: Blink182, Paramore, Rise Against, Sum 41, Green Day, The Living End, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Muse, (might add more)
> Be inside an English castle
> See Stone Henge
> Prepare for a zombie apocalypse
> Play in a band
> Be a father
> Visit Nic Collyers grave
> See the following bands live: Blink182, Paramore, Rise Against, Linkin Park, Taking Back Sunday
> Understand String Theory
> Be the best man at a wedding
> Make a game of some kind
> Fire a gun
> Write a song
> Conquer my depression
> Get married

That will do for now... I'll add more to it as i go, And a lot of them i don't expect to realise for a while. Things like getting married and being a father... Not gonna happen anytime soon.



  1. LIKE!
    and good job with the recommending, v. smooth.

  2. I thought it was pretty slick. (Y)

  3. No, I'm fairly certain it is indeed YOU who is inpregnated, with triplets no less.

  4. Wow. I am so confused right now...

  5. yeah well you got to random comment, coz i invited it with the lack of title.
    i was jealous of the fact you got to be crazy and i had no opportunity.
    so you are now pregnant.
    congrats, i guess.

  6. I'm naming them Borris, Wilber and Frog. When they turn 10, I'm gonna sell them to child pornographers for a room full of cocain. Then I'm gonna roll around in it for hour on end.

  7. good plan. i think frog might get you an upgrade to a room with an ensuite, if you heckle.

  8. Who needs an ensuite whem I'm surrounded by cocain?

  9. DISCLAIMER: things have been edited out due to not knowing what to write about them, read at your own risk, as usual i take no responsibility for my actions and accusations :P

    > Go in a zorb ball ( Done, don't do it in australia )

    > Play a game of Dungeons and Dragons (I also wish to play this at some point in time )

    > Be inside an English castle ( Been in many ;P )
    > See Stone Henge ( Been there, done that, want to do it again :P )

    > Prepare for a zombie apocalypse (I'll just shout at them... i'm pretty sure zombies can be killed by loud noises... right? xD )

    > Play in a band (been there, done that )
    > Be a father ( eww... kids... )

    > Understand String Theory ( when i looked it up, i did... but i've forgotten it all again haha )

    > Be the best man at a wedding (You can be my best man, if i ever get conned into being married xDD )

    > Make a game of some kind (Look up "game maker pro" or somehow use the UDK i gave you :P )

    > Fire a gun ( done that )

    > Write a song ( done that )