Thursday, August 12, 2010

haunting melodies

I feel i should share more of my amazing musical taste with you. You know, make a habit out of it. I'm trying to decide if i should discuss the amazing awesomeness of 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore or Metro Station, or perhaps put some dubstep or rave in here...

Actually... I know just the song... it's a bit weird... and by a bit i mean this song is pretty fucked. It's by Kromestar and Hatcha and it's this weird dubstep song. It's kinda haunting, and a bit freaky, but i really enjoy it for some obscure reason...

I'm not sure if this is the right video, I can't have sound at uni, so I'll check when i get home. Just listen to it. You probably won't like it, but you'll understand why i had to share it.

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