Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blogger needs some features...

Like notifications for when i get comments. I mean, seriously. It doesn't tell me at all. Unless i want to moderate every single fucking comment. Not that i get all that many, but still. I want people to be able to post freely. And just be told when it happens. Unless they're Cunt. He's not allowed to post. Unless it's on topic.

Also, the ability to freely chose my background image would be handy... I mean WTF? "Oh, heres a list of about 50 backgrounds you can use. Only about 3 are any decent, and i don't give a shit if you have an image that you really wanted to use, it's gotta be one of these or I'll stab you in the jugular. And before you ask, yes, we really do need about 1300 backgrounds with shitty patterns that would totally ruin the look and feel of any blog. It's essential. Don't question it."

Fuck you faggots.


ps, I'ma put the name of anyone mentioned in the labels, so once you work out who you are, you can see all the posts you're in.

pps. i think more people should write blogs, gives me something to do to kill time.

ppps. The cake is a lie.

I just found out, that the edit post page shows all the comments on your post. Still not as good as it could be, but not as shit as i thought...

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