Monday, October 25, 2010

I get tired of saying i neglect you.

So i won't. Pretty much nothing has been happening in my life... Or nothing really blog worthy. I've had a few things I've vaguely wanted to talk about but nothing has really been blog worthy for a while... Makes me sad. I enjoy when I'm inspired to write something. Feels good to pour my heart out into these words and know that others may read them and get that little bit extra incite into what makes me tick. Because that's something that's always been very important to me. Often to an absurd degree.

For those of you who got lost somewhere between the title and this sentence, the topic of discussion is me. More specifically, because i don't have nearly enough time left in this life to fully describe my own awesomeness in sufficient detail, i feel like discussing what makes me who i am, and what makes me act how i do. In short, the following is my own psychoanalysis of myself.

Let's begin with my towering ego. Basically, all my self confidence boils down to the fact that i believe i am inferior to most of the people around me, and thus have nothing to lose. I use the fact that i am most indefinitely a loser of the best kind, as an excuse for not really caring about how potential actions could effect my social standing.

I got bored writing this, and decided now is the time to discuss music. Yeah, I'm in a strange mood today. I'm a little down, a little up, but nowhere in between. It's just been one of those days.

Music. Yes. Back on topic. I fucking love the used. They make me want to burst with emotion. I'm considering getting the bleeding heart emblem tattooed on me somewhere. Actually fuck music, let's discuss tattoos. I'm too scared to actually get one. Like I'm too scared to try drugs. I have an addictive personality and i know i won't be able to stop at just one. So i stop at 0. It's easier that way. Other things I've considered getting for tattoos are blink 182's smiley, and a treble and bass clef that my friend Nic had. For those that don't know he passed away a year ago (i mentioned it in a previous blog) and i think it would be a fitting tribute.

This is the heart logo. I was thinking it would look nice over my actual heart. 

The blink 182 smiley, probably on my shoulder (and in black not white)

The final one. Probably with N.J.C. above one of them. These are his actual tattoos btw. Taken off his myspace.

That'll do for now. I grow weary of attempting to maintain a coherent train of thought. I lack the emotional energy right now. Time to go stab something.


  1. mmkay, so, were you per chance mildly inebriated while writing this? because I have found a few spelling errors...

    such as " bilk 182's " and " tatooed " :P

  2. Not really. I just didn't bother spellchecking

  3. If your running out of stories maybe you should talk about your heaps made friend cunt. I'm pretty sure that that's what a large percentage of your audience would enjoy.

    As always Travis