Thursday, October 14, 2010

The main ingrediant to sucess

Hahahaha i just found out you can change more of blogger than i thought you could. For example, you can change "Posted by" "comments" and a few other things to completely ridiculous statements such as "Baked fresh by" and "toppings". My posts now read like some bizaar cupcake recipy. Mmmmm delicious...

Also, you can now rate my posts based on how entertained you were. But please don't pick the ridicuous option for every post. 


The changes don't seem to have been applied yet... Well, not all of them. Lamezorz


  1. Oh, wow! I very much enjoy these tasty new ingredients! Poppin' fresh!

  2. not that entertain -travis

  3. That's ok, because the rating thing never actually appeared. = \