Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I like knives. They're pretty fucking awesome. For those that don't know (but i think I've mentioned it yesno?) I've started doing martial arts. Today was the most kickass lesson ever. Me and rob (because we were the only two from our group who went this week) spent an hour wrestling with wooden knives, trying to slash the other across the arms, wrist, body, anywhere basically. I learned that I'm pretty damn good with a knife. I scored a wounding blow on rob like 70-80% of the time. It was so much fun. We'd circle around each other, one of us would leap in with a slash, and they'd either score a hit, or we'd grapple for a min or two before someone got a slice across the arm. So much fun.

In commemoration of this, I'm going to give a short demonstration of the style of knives i would enjoy owning.

This is a millitary issue combat knife. Double edged, steel tang, med lenght and reversible grip. This would be good in a fight. 

A bowie knife. God they're sexy. Just LOOK AT IT! *drools*

Found this in google. Full finger cover (which would give you good control, but stops you reversing the grip properly), and just a nice looking blade. Looks single edged, but that's not too bad.

No idea what this is. But i like it. Probably would be heavy though.

Another military knife. Blackened blade stops light reflecting and giving you away. Tang's a bit small, but i think this was meant for stabbing not slashing.

So if anyone want to get me a knife for my 19th? I will appreciate it. I promise. Get me more then one. I promise i won't go on a murderous rampage. Much.


  1. only if you promise to stab me something nice :P

  2. I'll stab your liver if you want. Livers are nice, right?

  3. sure, my liver would be fine... it regenerates, so... meh