Saturday, November 20, 2010

Strange dreams...

Seems they've been going around a lot lately... A fair number of people have been mentioning them. Maybe the government's been putting rainbows in our water again. Or LSD. Who cares.

Here's a sample of my recent ones:
A few nights ago, there was one where Emily and I had a competition to see who could give themselves piercings the fastest. We had like 10-12 spots we had to pierce, and who ever finished first was the winner. Catch was, we had to use small hand drills to make the holes with. I mean, we literally had to drill holes in our own bodies. Not even like "Hold this trigger" drilling, we had to wind the drills ourselves. I think i got through two of them before i gave up. At this point, Em had done like 7. Congratulations Em. Even in my dreams, you beat me at piercings.

There was one the other night that made me sad when i woke up. The start bit's confusing as hell though. I forget why, but there was some argument between people i know, and it was decided that the only way to resolve it was to have a drag race down my street. I don't know who most of the people driving were, there was like 7 of them, but i know my mates Jody and Kieran from the city were there, as well as Kristy Collyer, the big sister of Nic, my friend who passed away last year. That was weird. Anyway, they started in my driveway (driving things like utes, and white vans and other weird shit like that) and blazed out onto my street and off into the distance. Then the place was crawling with cops and ambo's, even though i didn't see anyone crash. So everyone decided to go inside. Then the dream branched off, and Nic (who inexplicably was still alive; even my subconscious misses him) was staying with my family for like a month. The rest of the dream was like, us playing guitar and xbox and shit. Felt so depressed when i woke up... = \

I also had one last night, where i had a weird dream i couldn't remember, woke up, and tried explaining it to my sister. In my dream. Was very confused when i woke up for real, lol.


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  1. they're definitely doing something to our water... the walls are melting again <.>