Monday, November 08, 2010

The music industry is thoroughly deserving of a cuntpunt.

Seriously. First they inflict Faggot Beaver on us, and now this shit? This is Willow smith. Daughter of Woll Smoth. And i highly recommend you don't watch the video, because it is truly that awful. I warned you.

Embed disabled, so here's the link. Don't say i dind't warn you.

But wtf? When did being 12 years old become cool? These kids should still be shitting themselves over their upcoming puberty, and realising that the opposite gender is much more entertaining then tv. Not inflicting their preteen screeches on the rest of humanity. And to all the 14 year old girls out there, if i ever hear anyone singing Justin McShitface ever again, the singer is getting repeatedly gutterstomped, and having a wire brush rammed down their throat. Try singing after that. 

[EDIT - Fixed the dead link]


  1. 'smash single'. freaking hell.
    that toddler in the video is probs releasing a single next week.

  2. This video is not available in your country.


    also I blame the teen choice awards... never have I ever heard anyone decent appear on that segment... :/