Thursday, December 09, 2010

Customers are the worst thing that has ever happened to retail.

This happened to me at work today. A kid comes up and grabs like 15-20 different packs of christmas cards. Takes them to his mother who says just one pack. Kid takes the rest back, stands in front of the thing, and drops all of them. I swear to god. I wanted to stab the motherfucker.
As another related story, i found 4 open, but 1/4 drunk bottles of gatorade hidden on shelves. IN THE SAME FUCKING ISLE!

Fuck everybody.


  1. were you blamed for it? or was your pay docked?

  2. Nah, i just had to pick it all up. I'd already just cleaned that section.

  3. oh ok then, think of it this way though, at least the kid didn't toss up everywhere and the continue to have seizure afterwards =P