Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Work work work...

Pretty much all I've been doin for the last two weeks... Sucks balls, but meh. Did my christmas shoppin today. Took all of an hour. I don't get why people need weeks and weeks to do it. Fuck that. Got shit for my family and my woman. Everyone else can get fucked lol.
In other, unrelated news, turned 19 on friday. Feel exactly the same. I don't wanna be 19. That's fuckin old man. OLD! I still feel like I'm 16 at times. And apparently i still look it. I keep gettin asked what school i go to by workmates. Haven't gone to school in a year. Hell, I've barely gone to uni in that time. But the look on their face when i say I'm at UNSW doin computer science is entertainin. But my workmates are pretty cool overall.
On another strange tangent, I'm goin to Fiji in febuary. Me and Carla are goin for her birthday. It's gonna be mcHectic. If i can, I'll blog during, otherwise I'll recap the week when i get back. I'm excited. Tickets were paid for today.
Last but not least, my 'rents are goin away for new years. Gonna have a mad party at my house. Even if no-one comes lol. Prob's shouldn't have left it to the last minute but who cares. Who ever turns up, it'll be fun.
That's the end of things i can think about that are worth talking about. About. About. About. Lolwut.



  1. "Got shit for my family and my woman. Everyone else can get fucked." That's the Christmas spirit!